Sadr and Amiri are allied to form the largest bloc

Posted, 2018/6/13 23:15


announced on Tuesday, a new alliance between "Asron" led by Moqtada al-Sadr, and "conquest" led by Hadi Amiri to form the largest bloc.
"Al-Fath and Sultoun alliance came within the national space," Sadr told a joint news conference with al-Amiri at his home in Hanafeh in Najaf on Tuesday. "The coalition maintains the tripartite alliancewith [the wisdom and patriotism]."
"What happened to the ballot boxes is a terrible crime and we will have a position after the results are announced," he said.
For his part, Amiri said, "There is no problem in our re-counting and manual counting on not to exceed 5% to 10%."
For his part, the official spokesman for the Fath Alliance, Ahmed al-Asadi said that "[Fatah and others] announced the formation of the nucleus of the largest bloc calls all the winning blocs to participate in accordance with the government program agreed to be appropriate; to meet the challenges and crises and problems experienced by Iraq at this stage and the next stages and adopted on "The National Service Government is the provision of needs and the handling of crises and problems of interest to the citizen one of the most important introductions of this government."
He pointed out that "this alliance does not exclude one of the winning blocs, calling for all, but who is not in line with the program and who believes from these blocks that the government program does not fit with his program or not show a successful program certainly have the right to go to the opposition and build a strong government can offer to all the people Iraq is waiting for completion and services. "