The process of counting and sorting the hand surprised the political forces in Kirkuk

Posted, 2018/8/7 22:28


surprised the judges assigned to the Electoral Commission, on Saturday, the political forces of the results of the process of counting and sorting in Kirkuk.
A source in the Commission, told the whole of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "The number of funds received complaints [522] Fund of 20% of the total stations of the province," noting that "the number of funds that have been subjected to manual counting and sorting On the first day last Tuesday [24] boxes, [5] boxes of which the ballot papers were not identicalwith the ballot boxes data boxes. "
He added that "the share of the second day of the funds on Wednesday 4 July, including counting and manual counting were [90] boxes, [12] of which did not match the ballot papers inside the box with the data box station, while Thursday, the fifth of July, For [82] boxes, the mismatch was in [two boxes] only. "
"On Friday, the sixth of July, the countdown was the highest, with 112 boxes being counted, [16] of which were not identical," he said, adding that "the process of sorting and sorting of the funds continued on Saturday, including [82] A box, [3] of which were not identical. "
He pointed out that "most of the funds found to be mismatch were either in mixed areas or areas with an Arab majority or Turkmen such as [Daqouq, Dibs and Riyadh] "Revealing the existence of a ratio of [93%] in the funds by the end of the seventh day of the process of counting and sorting in Kirkuk, so the results will remain as announced by the Commission has not yet changed the number of seats components within Kirkuk."