Change calls for a complete manual count and the exclusion of any false party from the political process

2018/7/8 8:36


(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) MP of the mass change Hoshyar Abdullah, said that the large difference in the results of counting and manual counting on the results of electronic counting and sorting in the province of Kirkuk proved the need to re-count and manually manually.
Abdullah said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it that "the large difference in the results of counting and sorting the hand of the results of counting and electronic sorting of the votes of voters in the province of Kirkuk clearly demonstrated that the absence of re-counting and sorting by hand completely, because this difference means that manipulation and forgery The numbers were frighteningand showed results inverted in some provinces. "
"If things go the way they are and these results are approved, we must read Fatihah on democracy in Iraq, which will become fiefdoms run by militia groups that control the fate of the country and its capabilities with weapons and political money," Abdullah said.
"These results will have negative effects on the future of Iraq in the near and long term unless these problems are addressed in the bud before things get out of hand," he said.
"According to Iraqi law, any party that proves its involvement in fraud must be excluded from political action, and today there is fraud in the hundreds of thousands of votes, and those who made this fraud are easy to know through the votes that stole them in their favor," adding that " Prove that he rigged one vote should be excluded from the political process. "
"The judicial authority has a great opportunity to play a historic role in correcting the electoral process and start counting and sorting the hand in full respect for the will of the Iraqi voter, who may boycott the next election if he lost confidence in the electoral process in full after his voice went to an entity did not vote for him.
It is noteworthy that for the fifth day in a row, continued on Saturday; the process of partial counting and sorting in the province of Kirkuk in the Sports Activity Hall under the supervision of the judges assigned and the presence of representatives of political entities and observers of civil society organizations and international activists from {UNAMI}.
According to informed sources, "the completed of the 500 funds amounted to 320 boxes, including the ballot papers for the people of Kirkuk from all regions of the province," noting that "was counted 23 boxes on the first day {Tuesday} and 78 boxes on the second day, and 109 boxes on the third day, And 110 boxes on the fourth day (Friday). "
The Electoral Commission announced on Saturday the transfer of ballot boxes six provinces to the capital Baghdad for manual counting and counting.
"This day (Saturday) began the transfer of ballot boxes to the governorates of Basra, Maysan, Dhi Qar, Muthanna, Diwaniyah and Wasit to the city of Baghdad at the Baghdad International Fair to conduct manual counting and counting of polling stations and stations, which contained complaints and appeals to the centers And the electoral districts of the mentioned governorates. "