Turkmen source: a political deal behind the sudden cessation of the counting and manual counting in Kirkuk

Monday, 09 July 2018 at 15:33 pm


Baghdad / Sky Press

A Turkmen source said on Monday that the counting and counting of the results of the elections stopped abruptly and without any justification, indicating that there are political deals concluded between Kurdistan and some other parties to stop the process of counting and sorting and the formation of the new government.
The source said in an interview that "the preliminary results showedby counting and manual sorting revealed the falsification of ballot papers by 50%, which represents a scandal in the history of Iraq."

He added that "the process of counting and sorting the hand stopped abruptly and without any justification in Kirkuk," noting that "the people of Kirkuk will have a position on it and is likely to return sit-in until the completion of the counting and manual sorting scheduled in the province."

The source said that "there is a political deal concluded between Baghdad and Erbil and a meeting was held between multiple parties, in order to stop the count and manual sorting in Kirkuk after the scandal scandalous shown by the results of the Iraqi elections."

It is noteworthy that the counting and hand counting in Kirkuk stopped suddenly without knowing the results despite serious indicators of the initial results, which showed a high rate of forgery exceeded 50%.