Abadi on the first anniversary of the liberation of Mosul: the stage of reconstruction began its first steps

2018/7/10 9:04


Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced on Tuesday, the start of the implementation of plans and strategies for the stage of reconstruction in the country.
"We remember today, with pride and pride, the first anniversary of the liberation of Mosul, the eternal saga that has enraged our peopleand cut off the back of the terrorist who misinformed the Mosul," Abadi said in a statement.
"Our courageous fighters, in all their forms, have written the lines of this eternal epic with blood and enormous sacrifices that have opened the doors of stability and security in our dear country at a difficult stage and a great challenge in which the men of our armed forces fought the army, the federal and local police, the counterterrorism apparatus, Because the threat was a matter of existence and survival and resulted in all this unity of the people and the return of life wanted to live to die, but we defeated them and we won life on this scandal committed by the sacrifices of the martyrs and the wounded and patience of the Iraqis.
"The liberation of Mosul has opened the door wide for the return of the people to their homes and their normal lives after the trouble of displacement. Today, the dust of war and the remnants of the darkness are swept away and the Iraqis are re-emerging in the history book. They have been united by the unity of Iraq and fought under the banner of one Iraq. Fortify their cities of intruders and those who want evil in this country. "
He praised the martyrs, the wounded and those who contributed to this great achievement, and blessed those who fought for it, and a tribute to our honorable people and a pledge that we will remain faithful to those sacrifices that displaced the gang and called for the defeat of the criminal and defeated by the evil of defeat and our unity will also be able to eliminate the remaining gangs and criminal cells and track them even outside the border where he lines Iraq's heroes of the armed forces and the intelligence effort championships and pursue them to rid the country of their evils finally. "
He concluded by saying: "Here is the stage of construction, reconstruction and stability of the liberated areas and all the regions of Iraq began its first steps and as we promised you victory and liberation of the land and achieve, we now set the full plans and strategies for the reconstruction and construction of the country and appeared to be implemented and will be clear to the people of our country despite all the difficulties, And we will overcome them also in the stage of construction and reconstruction in our unity to give the people of this country a unified Iraq stable strong and enjoy its benefits.