Iraq starts buying water from countries in the region

2018/7/11 9:28


[Ayna-Baghdad] The
Ministry of Transport, the government's intention to buy water through the vessels of the basin of neighboring countries to satisfy the thirsty people of Basra province, the junction of the Tigris and Euphrates, in the latest indication of the magnitude of the worsening crisis in Iraq called the country of the two rivers.
"Under the direction of the Prime Minister, the Iraqi Ministry of Transport's vehicleswill go to Basra to provide fresh water and distribute it free of charge to the residential districts throughout Basra, and will be joined by the tanks belonging to the naval command to perform this duty," a ministry statement said. Holy National. "
"The vessels assigned to bring water to the ports of the region have been assigned to do the same task quickly."
He pointed out that "the companies affiliated to the Ministry of Transport, will be equipped with residential areas fixed pools fill with fresh water, from time to time, and periodically in the basins of the ministry."
The Council of Ministers, issued yesterday several urgent decisions to address the water shortage in the province of Basra, namely:
1- The formation of a government delegation headed by the Minister of Oil and the membership of the Ministers of Construction, Housing, Municipalities, Public Works, Electricity, Water Resources, Transport, the Advisor of the Prime Minister and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the crisis cell will go to Basra urgently and deal with the problems facing the governorate.
2 - Increasing the wheels of the tank conveying water for the net distribution of water to the citizens.
3 - Link the Basrah water project in Al-Haritha with the current pipelines and study the possibility of pumping water during the experimental operation and provided by the project consultant.
4 - The executive body of the water project in Basra in coordination with the British side for the purpose of allocating the amount required for the consulting company.
5 - Increase the releases in the channel of innovation and prevent abuses.
The Ministry of Water Resources has also announced the dispatch of water discharges to Basrah to address its water scarcity and salinity will arrive within a week.