Fact-finding announces surprise: results of counting and manual sorting will be canceled .. Judges circumvented the Federal Court

Policy 2018/07/11 13:33


Baghdad today - special

The head of the parliamentary fact-finding committee, Adel Nouri, said Wednesday, July 11, 2018, that the results of partial counting and sorting by the judges' committee are null and void because they contravene the Federal Court's decision on manual counting.

"The decision of the Federal Court was clearto keep the first article of the third amendment to the electoral law, which provides for the total counting and elimination of the results of counting and electronic sorting of Article 38 of the electoral system."

He added that "any count and partial sorting is canceled and void, and the Board of Commissioners trying to circumvent the law and emptying of content and circumvention of the decisions of the Federal Court."

"The decision of the court annulled the third article of the third amendment to the law of the third, and the judges went to implement the article which is void of the law," adding that "all operations carried out by the Judges Committee are legally void and have no value."

He pointed out that "the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee has authorized more than 13 sections of fraud in the elections of May 12, 2018," noting that "the judges moved on a group of small funds from among more than 52 thousand electoral funds throughout the country."

He pointed out that "the judges' committee is working in the absence of the governmental and parliamentary investigation committee and entity monitors." He wondered how the results of counting and manual sorting are matched with the results of the electronic count and elimination.