Special .. Bayati: the exclusion of 160 boxes in Kirkuk from counting and sorting for unknown reasons



Kirkuk / private

The leadership of the Fatah alliance, Mohammed Mahdi al-Bayati, on Thursday, that "the ballot boxes in the Kirkuk province has not been counted and counted in full."

He said al-Bayati during a special interview "of the trend Press" that has been identified 522 boxes by judges assigned with the Electoral Commission on the complaints of fraud by citizens and candidatesand political blocs have not been counted and sorted by hand completely.

He added that a ballot was counted and 460 ballot boxes out of 522, which remains up to 160 boxes have been left and isolated from counting and sorting for unknown reasons.

He pointed to the existence of pressure exercised by the previous Commission for the elections accused of forgery of the judges assigned.

The National Front for the Salvation of Kirkuk, called last Saturday, the Electoral Commission to include all the electoral stations in the province count and manual counting, while threatening to resort to international organizations and the World Human Rights Council to cancel the results "forged and illegal."