Life is returning to normal in Baghdad and the election results .. the center of modern population
March 8, 2010 · Posted in NEWS
شريط الاخبار | 08-03-2010 Bar News | 08/03/2010

Baghdad / Orr News

Life began to return to normal in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, after parliamentary elections, which were taken tight security measures led to the crash and stopped much of the population, with elections and the results were the center of modern population.

The streets of Baghdad today (Monday), more crowded than yesterday imposed a curfew and began the owners of shops and markets to open their shops, but government departments are still on holiday, enjoy, and will resume work from tomorrow.

In this regard, “said Taha Saad shop owner west of Baghdad,” resumed my work in the morning because of the elections has been a preoccupation of the people, not Otkmen to go to a local during the past two days due to tight security measures taken by the security forces. ”

“But today the situation has returned normal and people are left to the market to shop and buy their own needs”, noting that the market is much more active compared to before the election, and to explain that because people did not have time for shopping because of security measures and threats and attacks that occurred before and during elections.

Other coffee shops are the busiest in the customers, particularly government employees who are on leave for five days will end tomorrow.