US Treasury refuses to treat Iraqi banks with Iran and threaten sanctions

Posted, 8-1-2018 10:47 PM


Baghdad Post
The US Treasury, dealing with Iraqi banks with Iran, has refused to send uncles to the Central Bank of Iraq in July threatening to impose economic sanctions on any bank with financial dealings with Tehran.

Thus, the Iraqi government is unable to pay off the debts of the Ministry of Electricity, which pushed Tehran to stop supplying Iraq with energy and the latest crisis.

Sources said that the US Treasury informed the Central Bank in early July not to allow any Iraqi bank to deal with Iran, threatened to "freeze the funds of the bank, which violates the instructions issued by the US Treasury."

For its part, the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, The decrease in the production of electricity in Iraq to 14 thousand megawatts after Iran stopped supplying Iraq with 1,000 megawatts of electricity.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher for media sources, that Iran stopped processing Iraq with electricity capacity estimated at 1000 megawatts led to the reduction of electricity and increased the need for Iraq.

"The teacher" The reason "stop the processing of Iraq electricity is the accumulation of debt and problems in the transfer of funds To Iran, pointing to "the existence of high coordination with Iran to resolve the problem."

The "teacher" that the need of Iraq's electric power in the summer is from 22 to 23 thousand megawatts and the current production is 14 thousand megawatts.