Maliki rejects sanctions against Iran and calls on the government not to be a party to them

2018/8/8 14:38


The head of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, rejected the sanctions imposed by the United States on the Islamic Republic of Iran, calling on the Iraqi government not to be a party to these sanctions.
"At a time when the peoples of our region and the world are looking to get rid of the consequences of unipolar, the US sanctionsagainst neighboring Iran are a flagrant violation of international law," Maliki said in a statement received by the Euphrates News Agency.
"In this context, we affirm our rejection and condemnation of the American sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran and all unilateral sanctions against the people."
He called on governments in the region and the world to "reject it because the blockade, boycott and coercion are illegal or illegal, and constitute a reprisal and arbitrary action outside international legality. It is unjustified as long as it is carried out outside the United Nations
." It is aimed at starving a friendly Muslim people and fighting the regime of the Islamic republic, a member state of the United Nations. "
He pointed out that "punishing the people through the imposition of the policy of starvation and intimidation is the policy of the major powers against countries that oppose their hostile policies. Our people have suffered from the policy of starvation and siege during the former regime. We have expressed our rejection and non-adherence to these measures because they represent the worst forms of collective punishment To influence the food of the citizens, and the consequent catastrophic social consequences, as the most important goals sought by the besieged, in the hope of increasing the state of popular boiling, and instilling the seeds of sedition, and the spread of the spirit of rebellion and mistrust between the state or power and citizen.
We call on the governments of the world and humanitarian organizations to stop these punitive measures against the friendly Iranian people and the speed of action to deal with the violations and the consequences of the sanctions. On the basis of humane and tragic human rights. "