Souroun: Without the trial of Maliki and his corrupt gang demonstrations will not stop



Warned the leader of the alliance of the Asron, Ayman al-Shammari, Wednesday, the political blocs of the nomination for the post of prime minister and the re-sharing of ministries, indicating that the return of old faces and without accountability al-Maliki and his corrupt gang will keep demonstrations continue.

"The national space means there should be an independenttechnocrat government that allows the parliament to monitor and hold it accountable," al-Shammari said in an interview.

He added that "the government control is a pressure on the ministers to work hard and sincerely for the country," calling on the political blocs to "not progress to the premiership, because the people reject them."

He pointed out the leader of the alliance of Sawsan, backed by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, that "the demonstrations taking place in the provinces of south and central Iraq, will continue if the same political faces as well as without accountability of Maliki and his corrupt gang," stressing that "consensus on corruption will be master of the situation With the presence of those faces. "

And locked the political blocs winning the elections dialogues among themselves to reach understandings on the formation of the largest parliamentary bloc, which forms the new government.

Sources familiar with these negotiations have revealed in press statements that "the Shiite parties are divided on the support of Haider Abadi or not in the second term, and there is insistence on renewing him, but the rejection is also not less powerful than the other party, causing the deepening of differences within the Shiite parties" .

Demonstrations and sit-ins continue in their fourth week in the central and southern governorates of Iraq to demand a change in the political system, the amendment of the constitution, the referral of corrupt people to the judiciary and the provision of services.