Federal Court clarifies how to ratify the election results

2018/8/9 13:13


{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The Federal Supreme Court, how to ratify the results of the parliamentary elections after the completion of the process of partial counting and manual counting and ready to announce the results in a final.
After the end of the appeals on the results of electionsto the membership of the House of Representatives, we will be in front of the stage of ratification by the Federal Supreme Court.
Where the court will hold its session in the presence of all its members judges, and be dedicated to the consideration of the request to ratify the lists of names of final winners submitted by the Independent Electoral Commission, while the judicial decision number and date of the Commission and the sequence of names with the name of the first and last winner in alphabetical order.
The Judgment strengthens this by authorizing the Federal Supreme Court to consider the ratification of Article (93 / VII) of the Constitution and Article (4 / VII) of the IHEC Law No. 11 of 2007.
The Court also considers the objections The names of some of the winners, especially the allegations of charges against them and return to the competent courts in order to know their legal position of those charges are true or not, and where the investigation procedures reached the right charges from them.
In addition, the Court declares that it has reached a judicial ruling, which may include more than one, including the names of those whose decision to ratify their victory one after the other - if any - has been postponed, and the reason for the delay and the type of case assigned to them, High in the deal to inform everyone about the reason for postponement of authentication.
The ruling confirms that the delay in the consideration of the ratification shall be until a final judicial decision on the charges against them from the competent courts, if the innocence or release for lack of evidence will be taken by the Federal Supreme Court to ratify a subsequent ruling, and if the conviction will refrain from the ratification of the final alternative The provisions of the law amending the law of the replacement of the members of the House of Representatives No. (6) for the year 2006, and the directions of the Federal Supreme Court that the alternative is the loser who obtained the highest number of votes from the electoral entity and maintain themselves to those who have been excluded, we find that this approach preserves the will of the Iraqi voter.
But if the objections to the candidates and the absence of claims against them, the Federal Supreme Court also clarify that in its ruling on ratification.
The ruling states that the Federal Supreme Court has ratified the final results of the general elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives for the winners mentioned in the lists sent by the Independent High Electoral Commission, except for those who have been delayed ratification of being required for cases, or those who have been denied the right to be convicted Under a court order.
With a reference to the existence of a period of time between the holding of elections and the ratification of the results may be a candidate of the elections after the conditions apply to him, but there is a legal impediment arises and prevents the arrival of the House of Representatives like committing a crime.
The ruling of ratification shall be addressed to the President of the Republic as the person calling for the first session of the House of Representatives within (15) days of its issuance under Article (54) of the Constitution.