Finance announces deficit coverage in the budget this year fully



Finance Ministry Undersecretary Maher Hammad Johan announced on Thursday that he will cover all the deficit in the financial budget for 2018, while he talked about the possibility of exploiting vacancies in the government departments.

"The picture became clear at the end of June with the rise of oilprices, which covered all the budget deficit. Therefore, Iraq will not be indebted to any party, even if it is local to cover budget allocations," Johann told a press conference. For the current year 2018 ".

"The budget law of 2018 refers to the possibility of exploiting vacant posts according to the availability of financial allocations," he said, adding that "the availability of these allocations will be evident in the month of October next, and that the Ministry of Finance will cover the provinces with the required appointments according to the proportion of the population of the province "He said.