New Mobility: Results of counting and sorting part of a deal to cover fraud scandal

2018/8/10 16:35


(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) announced the mobility of the new generation headed by Shawwar Abdul Wahid, on Friday, rejected the results of the counting and sorting of the hand of the parliamentary elections.
"The movement of the new generation rejects the results announced by the Electoral Commission for elections, and from the beginningwe have doubts about the process of counting and sorting by hand, because the ballot boxes were the Authority and manipulated them according to their wishes" .
"We have already announced that the funds that have been recounted and promised by hand are very few and will not affect the final results of the elections," the statement said.
"From this point of view, we announce to the public opinion that the announcement of the results was an agreement and a political deal to cover up the fraud scandal, which is far from the real results," the statement said.
The Board of Commissioners of the assigned judges had announced late on Thursday, the results of manual counting and sorting in Baghdad and the provinces, which showed almost complete compatibility with the electronic results.