Urgent : An initial agreement with two lists to form the largest bloc and the next government

2018/8/10 18:31


(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Revealed a coalition of victory headed by Haider Abadi, reached a preliminary agreement with 3 political lists to form the largest bloc and the next government.
A statement by the Office of the leadership in Nasr al-Obeidi, received the agency {Euphrates News} copy of that Obeidi "led the delegation of victory composed of partiesbelonging to the coalition, to discuss with the delegation of the wisdom movement headed by Mr. Raad Hakim, and the delegation of the National Coalition in charge of negotiating the formation of the largest bloc and the announcement of the Iraqi government Coming ".
The statement quoted al-Obeidi as saying that "the preliminary talks with the delegation of wisdom and patriotism came out with positive results and common understandings," adding that "the talks agreed to lay down the guidelines for the work program of the next government and within clear time limits, stressing the need to reject the principle of quotas in the formation of the government "He said.
"It was agreed with the wisdom and patriotism to put the terms of the agreement and discussed and agreed upon in preparation for signing before announcing the formation of the largest bloc formally."
And on the nearest blocks to victory to form the largest bloc, Obeidi said, "We are now in great agreement with the alliances of Sason and wisdom and patriotism, in addition to the existence of advanced understandings with the Kurdistan Democratic Party and we have continued with the Fatah Alliance."
He stressed that "the doors of the Alliance of Victory is open to all blocs that believe in rejecting the principle of quotas and is ready to contribute and cooperate in the fight against corruption and the pursuit of corrupt and any party or bloc was, and has the ability to rebuild state institutions, and consider the re-enactment of service laws and investment and economic ability to provide the largest number Of job opportunities for the unemployed, and ensure a decent free life for the Iraqis. "