US General Electric recognizes the Iraqi government strategy to develop electricity

2018/9/11 17:05


{International: Al Furat News} US company "GE" delivered the Iraqi government a strategy to develop the electric power sector in the country and raise the capacity of the national system and the operation of more manpower.
"The company has handed over to the Iraqi government the new strategy, which includes doubling the productionof electric power, by introducing new technology into energy projects," said Frederick Rivera, director of energy at US company Frederic Rivera.
"The aim of the strategy is to put a final solution to the electricity crisis," Rivera said. "It also aims to invest the gas associated with the oil extraction operations and to make use of it to supply gas-fired power plants."
In November, the company signed a $ 400 million contract with Iraq to build 14 power stations to help offset the electricity shortage.
Some provinces in Iraq are witnessing constant protests, due to the continuous interruption of electricity in the summer.
Iraq needs more than 23,000 megawatt hours of electricity to meet the needs of the population and institutions without interruption.
The population's resentment is high in the summer (peak season), with interruptions in the national grid of electricity rising with temperatures rising to some days at 50 degrees Celsius.
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced on August 28 the agreement with Siemens International and within the framework of an integrated plan on a complete reform of the electricity system in Iraq and the purpose is to provide electricity to the citizen on a continuous basis and benefit from this production in creating a good economy for the country and provide great employment opportunities for citizens.
The cabinet approved on May 8 an agreement with Siemens to work in Iraq to improve the electricity sector