This is what happened to Baghdadi

2018/9/11 16:30


The spokesman for the US-led International Coalition, Col. Sean Ryan, said that the leader of the so-called terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had lost control of his organization and his arrest would be a "matter of time."
The American officer, in response to a question about the fate of Baghdadi, that the leader of "Daash" is still hiding, and the alliancepursued, and all leaders calling for the rest gave up their gunmen, stressing the lack of holding leaders calling. "
The official said that the battle against Da'ash in Syria and Iraq is not over Adding that between 1,000 and 1,500 extremists are still in the remaining territory under the control of a supporter in the Euphrates valley in Syria, and
explained that these estimates include only the militants involved in the fight directly against the international coalition against terrorism and the "Syrian Democratic forces" supported by him, pointing to statistics The coalition does not include ex-militants who have sought refuge Attacks on civilians, not including foreign militants still on the battlefield and others who left the area of ​​operations of the coalition in Syria and Iraq
The colonel said that the goal of the coalition is to eradicate Syria and Iraq and work with local forces to ensure the security of liberated areas, "
The US officer warned that a supporter is an adaptable enemy committed to the spread of terrorism and extremist ideology
In response to a question about the losses of the coalition as a result of his campaign against" Daash "launched in 2015, the officer confirmed the killing 17 Allied troops.
The "Syrian Democratic Forces" announced today the launch of a battle against the last pocket of "Damascus" Syria, specifically in the East Euphrates.