URGENT Abadi: We do not cling to power and adhere to the directives of the reference

2018/9/13 18:13


(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi, he does not cling to power and is committed to the directives of the Supreme Reference. "
"We are only three years old, we have built a professional army that protects all, and we have prevented the division and unification of the country. We have liberated Iraq from the oppressors, we haveextended state authority over all regions, we have preserved national wealth, we have destroyed sectarian walls, Our foreign relations ".
"This is our strength, and these are some of the impossible results from the point of view of others, and these are the signs of our strength, which we are proud of and which we achieved with our trust in God and our belief in the capabilities, strength and sacrifices of our people."
Abadi said that all this "without clinging to power, but we adhere to the constitutional procedures and respect the directives of the Supreme Religious Reference and respond to them, our project is a national Iraqi not eastern or western and we look forward to complete and consolidate it for the benefit of all Iraqis."
A source close to the supreme religious authority, commented on the current September 10, according to some members of the House of Representatives in the media that the reference named a number of politicians and refused to choose any of them to the position of prime minister.
The source said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of him that "this news is inaccurate, the nomination of the Prime Minister is a prerogative of the largest bloc under the Constitution and not others to reject the candidate."
He added that "the statement of refusal was not issued by the religious authority, and it did not name specific persons for any party." The Authority in the past years without distinction between the parties and independents, because most of the people no longer have any hope of achieving the desired improvement of the situation and the fight against corruption. "
The source added that "a new face was chosen, known as competence, integrity, courage and firmness and committed to the points raised in the Friday sermon (13 / Dhul-Qa'dah, July 27). It was possible to communicate with him and advise him regarding the interests of the country. , And it will remain a voice for the deprived defending their rights as they can. "