Abadi abandons the second term and regrets his nomination

2018/9/13 20:32


Prime Minister outgoing Haider Abadi, on Thursday, everyone to give up the nomination for a second term in the next government, while regretted the "nomination".

"I did not want to run for a second term and I did not aspire to it, but some advised me because we have achieved security and economic victories, but I would not have gone along with this view becauseof the political conflict over the post," Abadi told his weekly press conference.
"There is no clinging to power from us and we call for a quick formation of the government and I promised surprise and this is a decision today," pointing out that "a quarter of his coalition victory is not against my candidacy but hesitant and I did not insist on it."
Abadi added that "the coalition of victory is strong and continuous in its national project to reform the situation of Iraq and cross sectarianism," stressing his commitment to "the directives of the Supreme Reference."
On the problem of water in Basra and his last visit to the province, said Abadi, "Water is now in Basra enough to maintain, but must remove the excesses on pipelines and obstacles here and there."
"We appreciate the attitudes and concern of the families and elders of the Basra tribes and regret the media attack false attack on our convoy in the province is not true and some political parties to move away from this draw and the declining approach is a political escalation of the parties do not want good for the Iraqis.
He renewed the Prime Minister, "the call to accelerate the nomination of the Presidency of the Parliament and the Presidency of the Republic and the formation of the largest bloc and the task of nominating her candidate to form a government away from sectarian quotas abhorrent and work in a national spirit."
He warned that "the continuation of political differences will give an opportunity for terrorism to return and targeting cities and so far control the security situation and our intelligence agencies violated terrorist groups."
He stressed that "this government will continue to provide services and assume responsibility to the last day of its life and until the formation of the new government."
"I am surprised by the negligence of the local governments in Basra in solving the problem of water accumulated years ago in the province and now on our heads and could be solved before the start of the summer season."
"We have a ministerial cell working continuously in the province to remove obstacles in solving the water problem and we need the government of Basra to expedite the provision of required to complete the appointments."
"The stock of Lake Tharthar is huge, but it is too low. We need giant pumps to use. We hope rain will fall in the winter season to compensate and fill the gap or we will resort to using what is available," he said.