In the document .. 6 deputies of victory split from the coalition to become 36 seats

2018/9/14 17:58


6 deputies of the coalition of victory, which presides Haider Abadi in a letter addressed to the Speaker of Parliament dissent from the coalition.
The six deputies in the letter addressed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the victory coalition, "We are the undersigned signatories decided to withdraw our signatures signed with the coalition and considered null and forming a bloc within the Houseof Representatives will announce its goals and constants as soon as possible."
The letter is signed by the deputy [Ihsan Al-Shibli, Alaa Sukkar Al-Dalvi, Yousef Al-Kalabi, Hussein Sajid Al-Fayez, Nora Jawad Al-Hilfi and Riad Abbas Al-Tamimi].
The split from Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi's victory coalition comes hours after Abadi said at a news conference on Thursday that he was "not clinging to power" in a hint that he may not run for prime minister again.
With this withdrawal, the number of seats in the block of victory fell from 42 seats to 36 parliamentary seats, but remains the third parliamentary bloc after the coalition pass [54 seats] and the alliance Fatah [48 seats].