Adel Abdul-Mahdi comment on the news of his candidacy for prime minister

2018/9/15 20:14


(Baghdad: Al Furat News) Independent politician, Adel Abdul Mahdi, praised the "positive attitude" of outgoing Prime Minister Haider Abadi, not to hold onto power.
Abdul Mahdi said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it "because of discussions to choose the three presidencies, including the prime minister, and the large number of meetings, and the lack of time, and to prevent confused and inaccurate interpretations - will stop temporarily writing the editorials, which began in February 2011, One day. "
"I would like to congratulate the Speaker of the House of Representativesand the First Deputy for their confidence in the Council and pending the election of the second deputy. This is an important step to speed up the process of forming the government."
He also hailed Abdul Mahdi, "Prime Minister {Haydar} Abadi on his statement on 13/9/2018 and his positive position of the peaceful transfer of power, and the positions and statements of positive and responsible many senior officials and officials, and political blocs and community forces, which express awareness of the sensitivity and circumstances of the stage, And understand the right direction to the challenges and risks faced by the country. "
He called on "the media and public opinion platforms to shoulder their responsibilities for their great role today in Iraqi politics and to play the positive and responsible role entrusted to them and in accordance with the complex conditions of the country."
This is the first comment of Adel Abdul Mahdi after unconfirmed news of his name among the candidates for prime minister in the next government.
"I did not want to run for a second term and I did not aspire to it, but some advised me because we have achieved security and economic victories, but I would not have gone along with this opinion because of the political conflict over the post," Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told a weekly news conference on Tuesday.
"There is no clinging to power from us and we call for a quick formation of the government and I promised surprise and this is a decision today," pointing out that "a quarter of his coalition victory is not against my candidacy but hesitant and I did not insist on it."
Abadi added that "the coalition of victory is strong and continuous in its national project to reform the situation of Iraq and cross sectarianism," stressing his commitment to "the directives of the Supreme Reference."
The conference was preceded by an official statement issued by the Prime Minister's Information Office expressing Abadi's assertion that he is not "clinging to power, complying with constitutional procedures and respecting the directives of the supreme religious authority and responding to them."
Was a source close to the Supreme Religious Reference, commented on 10 September current what some members of the House of Representatives in the media that the reference named a number of politicians and refused to choose any of them to the position of prime minister.
The source said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of him that "this news is inaccurate, the nomination of the Prime Minister is a prerogative of the largest bloc under the Constitution and not others to reject the candidate."
He added that "the statement of refusal was not issued by the religious authority, and it did not name specific persons for any party." The Authority in the past years without distinction between the parties and independents, because most of the people no longer have any hope of achieving the desired improvement of the situation and the fight against corruption. "
The source added that "a new face was chosen, known as competence, integrity, courage and firmness and committed to the points raised in the Friday sermon (13 / Dhul-Qa'dah, July 27). It was possible to communicate with him and advise him regarding the interests of the country. , And it will remain a voice for the deprived defending their rights as they can. "