Pentagon sells five helicopters to Iraq worth $ 82 million

2018/10/5 17:04


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announced that the US Department of Defense , "Pentagon" on Friday that Washington has agreed to sell 5 helicopters "helicopter" to Iraq.
"The United States has agreed to sell five helicopters to Iraq in a deal worth more than $ 82 million," the Defense Security Agency said.
"The Bell-407 aircraft are equipped with machine guns andadvanced communications systems," the agency said. "This deal will contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of the Iraqi security forces in their war against the organization of the call and protection of vital infrastructure."
"Under my leadership, the United States has stepped up its war against terrorism, in cooperation with our coalition partners, we have spent a large proportion of the preachers on Syria and Iraq," US President Donald Trump said yesterday.
On Thursday, Trump acknowledged the new national security strategy to fight terrorism, according to a statement issued by the agency, which did not elaborate on the strategy.
More than three years later, with support from the US-led coalition, Iraq announced last December that its entire territory had been restored from the grip of Dahesh, who controlled a third of the country.