Nasr confirms his support for the formation of the government with all possibilities and overcome past mistakes

2018/10/7 14:20


[Baghdad: Al Furat News} Coalition victory during a meeting chaired by the head of the coalition Haider Abadi, his support for the process of forming the next government.
A statement of the Office of the leadership in the victory Khalid al-Obeidi received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of him that Abadi visited Obeidi "was held a joint meeting in the presenceof a number of deputies of the alliance victory, and discussed the meeting during the meeting," talks to form the government and national functions over the next four years, citizens and the advancement of economic reality and investment to provide the largest number of jobs for the unemployed and to maintain the unity of Iraq and to adopt clear positions to ensure the independence of its political decision. "
They also discussed the " openness to the Arab, Islamic and international environment in order to achieve gains of Iraq 's homeland and people, while providing all the possibilities for Z The continuation of military victories and achieve security and stability for all the Iraqi people. "
He praised the audience during the meeting , " government achievements realized over the past four years, particularly the liberation of the entire Iraqi territory from Daesh criminal gangs and overcome many of the mistakes and cons of the previous stage and in the forefront of re - communal harmony and stay away from the speech Sectarian and racial rejection of hate speech, which is trying to be published by a number of politicians to obtain personal and free gains at the expense of the Iraqi people.
He pointed out that "it was decided during the meeting, the need to support the process of forming the next government with all the possibilities and stand with it to maintain the gains achieved and continue to overcome the mistakes and disadvantages of the previous stages, especially the fight against corruption and arms inventory by the state and the advancement of economic realities and service and maintain the unity of Iraq and independence of its political decision. is over