Parliament is considering a request to stop trading the new currency

2018/10/8 10:25


(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The head of the Tamdun coalition, Sheikh Ali Ali, on Monday, called on the House of Representatives to issue a decision to stop trading and deal with the new currency.
Sheikh Ali said in a blog post on his own Twitter account, "I wrote on our website that the members of the House of Representativesand called on the Council to issue a decision to stop trading and deal with the new currency."
Sheikh Ali added that his request was accepted by the majority of deputies, as he put it.
He described the economic expert, yesterday, the existence of the name and signature of the Governor of the Central Bank Acting Ali Mohsen Ismail on the new Iraqi currency, as "a dangerous precedent and a violation of all contexts universally recognized and Iraq, except dictatorships."
The expert asked Luay Khatib in his post that the signature of the Iraqi currency by the Minister of Finance by the title without mentioning the name, and the withdrawal and destruction of this new version and correct this grave error.
The Central Bank of Iraq recently issued its second edition of the banknotes of the categories {25000, 10000, 1000, 500, 250} dinars, indicating that the variables on the above categories were as follows, for the categories {25000, 10000, 500, 250} To write the name of the governor instead of signing it in the old version, in line with what is now practiced in other countries, and the dates were amended Hijri and Gregorian dates (1440 e - 2018).