Parliament discusses the procedures of the Central Bank for the printing of the new currency [expanded]

2018/10/9 16:55


The House of Representatives in its fifth session of the first legislative term of its first legislative year in its fourth election session chaired by Hassan Karim al-Kaabi, the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives and the presence of 225 deputies, on Tuesday, the procedures of the Central Bank for printing the new currency.
At the beginning of the session,Ghaleb Mohammed Ali Shukr was sworn in as a deputy in the House of Representatives.
After that, Hassan Karim al-Kaabi, the first deputy chairman of the Council, to host the Minister of Higher Education in the Council yesterday to discuss the transit system and admission rates in universities, noting that the Council is waiting for what is caused by the RAI Ministry of Education answers to be presented at Thursday's session on what was put Before the House of Representatives or circulated in public opinion for the purpose of taking necessary.
The council voted on the interim parliamentary committee to amend the rules of procedure. The deputies included Jamal al-Muhammadawi, Abd al-Khaliq al-Azzawi, Hoshyar Abdullah, Taha al-Dodi, Jumaili, Khalid Jawad, Rashid Rashad, Abbas Shuail, Mansour Maraid, Aleya Nassif, Sarkut Latif, Muthanna Amin, Ribawar Taha, Thamer Deiban, Sabah Al Saadi, Talal Al Zobaie, Mohammed.
Al-Kaabi announced the convening of a joint meeting of the Legal Committee and the Interim Committee to amend the rules of procedure in the coming days. The Legal Committee is to hold a meeting in the Constitutional Hall tomorrow to elect a chairman and a deputy.
The First Deputy Speaker of the Council of parliamentary blocs to nominate the names of members of the parliamentary committees starting tomorrow to discuss the status of the committees in terms of retention or integration or the addition of other committees.
In another matter, the Presidency of the Council decided to nominate MP Khadija Ali and MP Burhanuddin Ishaq as rapporteurs of the House of Representatives.
In another matter, the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives explained that the Council will consider the legality of measures taken by the Central Bank or not, which provoked reactions in the political and popular circles.
The Council discussed the procedures of the Central Bank for the printing of the new currency after the majority of deputies voted to add the issue to the agenda.
In the interventions of MPs, MP Ahmad al-Jubouri pointed out that the introduction of the name of the governor is a controversial issue that is not justified, suggesting a decision not to trade the currency that the name of the governor and the cost of printing costs to the Central Bank.
MP Sabah al-Saadi pointed out that putting the name of the governor of the Central Bank on the currency has caused a lot of trouble, especially that the regulations indicate reference to the status of the governor without writing his name explicitly.
And invited MP Magda Tamimi to approach the Central Bank to provide the House of Representatives with a statistical on the amounts of damage in the currency to the proportion of the amount of currency in circulation.
MP Falah Abdul-Karim called for hosting the governor of the Central Bank in order to clarify the purpose of printing the currency and explain this to the Council.
The deputy Hassan Salem that the writing of the name of the governor of the agency on the local currency is unacceptable, but an attempt to distract attention from the central bank measures on the auction of currency, which has become a focal point of corruption.
The MP Abbas Srout stressed the importance of monitoring the performance of the Central Bank in other areas and accountability of the default in the printing of the new currency.
The MP Faleh al-Khazali that the printing of the name of the Governor of the Central Bank Agency on the national currency a clear abuse of power granted to him, which necessitates dismissal.
MP Mona al-Amiri said that the amount of the new printed currency amounted to about 90 billion dinars, asking about the person who bears the responsibility of the amount in case it decides to damage the currency.
In turn, MP Raed Fahmi inquired about how to deal with the legal procedures of the subject and study it from several legal aspects.
MP Bashar Hamid al-Kiki called for the addition of the Kurdish language to the Iraqi currency.
The deputy High Nasif that the law in force gave a license to hold the governor of the Central Bank by writing his name on the Iraqi currency.
The MP Khalid Jawad Kazem that the orders of the Coalition Provisional Authority is still in force and need to be reviewed, calling for a decision to postpone the circulation of the new currency until the consideration of its legality.
The deputy governor of the emirate said that the governor of the Central Bank does not have full powers to take such a measure as he takes office as an agency and not authenticity.
For his part, urged the First Vice-President of the Council to hold a special meeting to host the Governor of the Central Bank and officials of the management of the bank in the coming days for the purpose of discussing the central bank's transactions and monetary policy being subject to the supervision of the House of Representatives, adding that the topics for the purpose of discussion aimed at finding solutions to the problems.
The meeting was adjourned to Thursday.