Karbouli of the relationship: I will accept to put your picture if the dinar is equal to the dollar

2018/10/10 10:32


(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) criticized the head of the parliamentary bloc of solution, Mohammed Karbouli, the Iraqi Central Bank, put the name of the governor of the bank agency {Ali Alaq] on the edition of the new currency of the small category.

"I would have accepted that your name and signature be embossed with gold; I would accept that you put your picture on the coin if you made the dinar equal to the dollar," Karbouli wroteon his Twitter profile.
Referring to the financial policies of the bank's governor during his last five years in office, Karbouli asked: "Who is responsible for the ongoing haemorrhage of the hard currency and selling it by auction, opening up wholesale banks in a way that is disproportionate to Iraq's exhausting economic reality? Consumer goods and the industrial and agricultural development of the country? "
"If you can not fix Iraq's economic reality, the Iraqis will not mention your name even if it is carved on the rock."
The Central Bank of Iraq announced last Saturday in a surprise move, the printing of large quantities of small groups of the Iraqi currency and the beginning of distribution, and write the name of the governor {agency} Ali Alalak, after improving the type of material used, and make a simple change in the form of these categories.
And raised the move of relations by placing his name on the currency in addition to signing a kind of controversy in the Iraqi street, and some called the House of Representatives to remove this addendum.
The House of Representatives discussed the issue yesterday, said First Vice-President of the Council Hassan al-Kaabi, "The interventions of the meeting obliged us to attend the Governor of the Central Bank regarding the new currency, will be the date of hosting the governor on Thursday (tomorrow)."
However, the director of accounting at the Central Bank Ihsan al-Yasiri said in a press statement that the move was considered normal, considering that many central banks in the world put the name of the governor next to the signature, and only at other times sign, citing it as a "fingerprint of the Iraqi currency."
"Iraq received two days ago the first shipment of the category of thousand dinars and distributed to banks and financial institutions in order to put them to market, and this month will receive shipments of 250 and 500 dinars."
The Central Bank of Iraq changed the image of the Islamic dinar on the category of a thousand dinars and made it a picture of the Assyrian logo.
For his part, the legal expert Gamal al-Asadi, the existence of a legal violation in the name of the governor of the Central Bank, the second edition of the Iraqi currency, and told the {Euphrates News} Monday that the lack of reference to the status of the governor by proxy and write only a conservative in the currency is not original " Law. "
For his part, counting the historian Ghazi Ahmed al-Samarrai, step by "the previous did not occur on the date of the modern Iraqi currency since its issuance 87 years ago."
While the general manager of the issuance and cabinets in the Central Bank Abdul Karim Hassan reasons to write the name of the governor "to know the citizen who is the governor."