Deputy: can not withdraw the new currency despite the signing of the relationship in his name .. No authority over the Central Bank!

2018/10/10 13:41 816


Baghdad today - special

Ahmad Hamma, head of the Kurdistan Islamic Group's bloc, said on Wednesday, October 10, 2018, that there is no legal provision in which the Central Bank may be forced to withdraw its new currency from the market.

"The decisions of the House of Representatives do not have any binding status on the central bank," Hama said. "The central bank is an independent body with no authority over it, and the monetaryauthority in all countries of the world is independent."

"There is no legal provision obliging the Central Bank of Iraq to withdraw, destroy or print the currency, it is an independent body," said Hamma, a former parliamentary finance committee commissioner.

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper said in a report published earlier on Wednesday (October 10, 2018) that the value of the paper currency, which was printed and bearing the name of the central bank governor Ali al-Alaq, amounted to 90 billion dinars.

The newspaper quoted an economic source as saying that "the total currencies that have been printed recently, and put the name of the governor of the Central Bank, it amounts to more than 90 billion Iraqi dinars."

The central bank announced that it "issued the second edition of banknotes, which include the categories: 25000, 10000, 1000, 500 and 250 dinars," stressing that "the circulation of banknotes currently circulating from the same categories, along with the new categories, denying the existence of any intention to withdraw papers Old of trading ".

The bank said in a statement that "the inclusion of groups (25000, 10000, 500 and 250) dinars, the name of the governor in his signature came in line with what is now followed in other countries."