Washington has 1,400 Iraqis to leave its territory and Baghdad refuses to receive them

03 November 2018 - 7:56


Sumer News: US media reported that the United States authorities have informed more than 1,400 Iraqis to leave their land, while Iraqi authorities refused to receive them because of their forced deportation.

"About 110 Iraqis are still being held by US immigration andcustoms authorities in 33 facilities throughout the United States and have end-of-deportations from a total of 300 Iraqis who have been detained since May 2017 by the authorities," said a report by CNN News. Immigration ".

"The documents and e-mails between Iraqi and US officials, which have been revealed recently, showed that Iraq is reluctant to allow the forcible return of Iraqi citizens."

"The Iraqi government is encouraging the return of Iraqis to the country if they want to return to their homeland and we are ready to facilitate it through our diplomatic missions, but we will not cooperate with any government that is trying to return them by force," Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad Mahjoub said.

"Many of these detainees are afraid of their safety if they are sent back. Some of them have not been in Iraq for decades, some of them belong to minorities from Christ, Chaldeans and in Islamic communities who fear being persecuted when they return," the ACLU said. According to the Union

"Some 1,400 Iraqi citizens living in the United States have received final deportation orders last Thursday and could be affected by this issue," he said.