MPs in parliament gather signatures to re-open the investigation into the fall of Mosul and the trial of officials

Sun, 04 Nov 2018 06:47:23


Iraqi parliamentary sources revealed the existence of mobility within the House of Representatives to reopen the file of the fall of Mosul, but the organization calling the terrorist in mid-2014, while the deputies confirmed that "delay delay resolution of the file over the past years was because of the involvement of prominent figures in the crime," warned politicians from "The existence of suspicious movementof elements near the proximity of the connector may cause a repeat of the scenario 2014."

A parliamentary source informed that "a number of deputies have been in several days since the movement of the collection of signatures calling for the Presidency of the parliament to reopen the file of the fall of Mosul, but the organization is urging," explaining to the new Arab that "the deputies will call for the formation of a parliamentary committee in this regard, Specific ".

He pointed out that "the deputies will hold the responsibility for the political and military leaders were governing Iraq in 2014, led by the then prime minister, the commander of the armed forces Nuri al-Maliki," pointing out that "parliamentarians waiting for the House of Representatives to form parliamentary committees in order to continue their movement, Mosul is more important than a parliamentary committee, especially the Security and Defense Commission. "

"The movement will also include claims to prevent the travel of all those whose names appear in the file of the fall of Mosul, to block the possibility of escape," adding that "punishment according to the law will not exclude anyone this time, whatever the status.

"The House of Representatives will open a comprehensive investigation into the file of the fall of Mosul, in order to account for the defaulters in accordance with the law," said a member of parliament, the alliance "Sason", Starr al-Otabi, "The delay of resolving the file over the past years was due to the involvement of prominent figures In crime ".

He pointed out that "the file of the fall of Mosul will return to the front, and will be submitted to the defaulters to the judiciary," explaining in a statement that "some prominent figures that caused the delay of the fall of Mosul and the neglect of its file for years," in reference to Maliki, and a number of political and security leaders associated with it.

He pointed out that "the alliance of Sowron will put the file of the fall of Mosul, and the file of corruption, the top priorities of his work within parliament, and will work to refer those involved to the judiciary without exception, to receive their fair compensation," adding that "the city of Mosul suffered a security setback because of corruption, The joints of the state at the time, as well as rely on sterile security plans, which caused the occupation of one-third of the territory of Iraq by gangs calling for the terrorist. "

On the other hand, the leader of the coalition of Maliki (a coalition of state law) Saad Almtalibi that "raising the file fall Mosul at this time represents an attempt to target al-Maliki in conjunction with talk about the possibility of granting him the post of Vice President," adding that "what is being talked about positions, More than his relationship with the reality of the fall of Mosul. "

"With regard to the fall of Mosul was the formation of a parliamentary committee wrote a report on the fall of the city, and referred some of those involved to the judiciary," explaining that "some officers sentenced to death in absentia."

"Some of the political forces have been and still control the fate of Mosul," said a member of Nineveh Provincial Council Deldar Zebari. "There are several reasons behind the fall of Mosul in 2014, including political differences and corruption in the state apparatus."

He pointed out that "these forces are ready to do anything to achieve their interests," accusing the political class of "the practice of lying, which caused the deterioration of the country at various levels."

"The political influences and the practices of some elements of the Iraqi forces have had negative effects, causing some areas to fall in the hands of a pre-emptive organization," said military commanders who had previously fought against a militant organization in Mosul.

"The army's practices against the citizens in 2013 and earlier, which caused the fall of Mosul and other Iraqi cities, but the organization," said the commander of operations in eastern Anbar, Major General Saad Harith, who had previously taken military missions in Mosul, Anbar that "the experience of Mosul should not be repeated."

He called on political leaders to "take care of the security aspects, away from the monotheistic monologues of rhetoric that caused the deceit of the people," adding that "the wrong political discourse caused the strengthening of tribal affiliations and sectarianism, at the expense of loyalty to the homeland."

This comes at a time when politicians warn of the possibility of repeating the scenario of the fall of Mosul, if the security conditions are not controlled on the Iraqi-Syrian border.