Adel Abdul Mahdi meets with the Iraqi parliament .. Do you lose the support of Moqtada al-Sadr?

Mon, 05 Nov 2018 13:22:46


Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi faces more obstacles in completing the formation of his incomplete government so far from eight portfolios that candidates have not received for approval by the political blocs on their candidacy, which means they can not get the confidence of parliamentin the meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

According to a press report on Monday, October 5, 2018, "the time factor is playing in the interest of Abdul Mahdi, where problems accumulate and crises arise, and as the protests return to poor conditions in some central and southern governorates, the security operator has returned to the scene with an intensifying organization urging his activities and threats Especially in the border area between Syria and Iraq, according to Al Arab newspaper.

"The security authorities were forced on Sunday to use force to disperse a sit-in that residents of Babil province were trying to organize to demand better services," the report said.

He added that "the disaster of collective mortality of fish in the province itself contributed to the development of a state of resentment and insecurity, after this strange and surprising phenomenon showed that Iraq is seriously threatened in its food and water security."

"With US sanctions on Iran entering a new period of intensity and rigidity, there is increasing pressure on the government of Abdulmahdi to limit the effects of those sanctions on the Iraqi economy," the report said.

"In addition to the direct economic impact of the sanctions, the issue is a political proposition that does not rest, especially with the presence of a wide spectrum of Iraqi politicians motivated by their loyalty to Tehran, to pressure the Baghdad government to comply with Washington's desire to abide by its implementation."

And Iraqi sources talk about the readiness of Adel Abdul Mahdi to give up the presidency of the government, and resign from the post in case of intensified pressure and failed to complete the formation of the government.

Press sources warn the newspaper that this scenario will mean entering Iraq in a severe political crisis, because the consensus on the successor of Abdul Mahdi, it will be very difficult, not to mention the consensus on the sharing of cabinet cabins that will be entrusted to any incoming prime minister.