After the agreement with Saleh Hark to remove Maliki from the post of vice president and the latter vows and threatens

05 November 2018 - 4:18


The re-opening of the file of the fall of the city of Mosul, however, the organization of an advocate would remove the head of a coalition of law from the post of Vice President of the Republic.

The newspaper quoted sources as saying that "a parliamentary move launched in this regard after the disclosure of understandingsbetween President Barham Saleh, with Maliki for his post as vice president."

The sources added that "the new parliamentary action coincides with a project to be discussed by the parliament reduces the number of Vice-President of the Republic from three to one."

The sources pointed out that "a group of deputies fought about 10 days ago to collect documents that condemn Maliki and the political, administrative and financial excesses that he made during his tenure as prime minister," stressing that "the most important file that will be reopened is the fall of Mosul."

The sources said that "the former parliament took full responsibility for the fall of Mosul, Maliki, but none of the sanctions and accountability did not take place without knowing the reasons."

In the meantime, the transfer of an Iraqi parliamentary source for al-Maliki, promising to those who seek to return such files, "asserting" his attachment to the post of Vice President, armed with the decision of the Federal Court, which returned to the site last year, despite the parliament's decision to take responsibility in the fall of Mosul.

Maliki threatened, according to sources, to open files "large" capable of revealing all the facts about the excesses of some political forces in parliament, which will lose its popularity in front of public opinion.