The dinar maintains its strength against the dollar and the rise in the price of oil 11-6-2018



Direction / Special

The price of the dinar in Baghdad and the provinces at the opening, on Tuesday, on its borders within 120 thousand dinars for every $ 100 with minor differences between the provinces, while the priceof a barrel of Brent crude oil rose slightly, the price of gold fell slightly in the Iraqi market .

The exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar in the stock exchange 120.500, and in the caravans of Baghdad between 120,000 -

121.000 , while the Basra Stock Exchange amounted to 120,600, and on the Arbil Stock Exchange amounted to 120.550, while the Mosul Stock Exchange amounted to 120,700 .

As for the regional currencies, the Iranian toman is $ 1470/100, the Turkish lira is $ 535/100, and the price of a barrel of Brent crude oil rose slightly from tomorrow's $ 72.68. Thousand dinars, while the price of gold ounce globally amounted to 1227 $.