New information about the Bank of Baghdad and the number of customers who are used to selling the currency

2018/11/8 7:30


{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The victim of the auction of currency in the {Bank of Baghdad} Mohammed Qasim, the exploitation of 438 customers at the sale of the currency and most of them do not know it.
"We are dealing as a company with a lot of government and privateinstitutions, where we began to transfer remittances out of Iraq, according to the need to work since 2009 through the Bank of Baghdad."
"In 2015 we discovered some quotations in the Tax Authority are in the file of my name, starting with 100 thousand dollars until it reached one million and 150 thousand dollars without our knowledge and we also discovered that the amount more than this in the Central Bank."
Qassim pointed out that "since the discovery of the matter, we began to collect documents and complaints to the Central Bank and the Court of Integrity and the Court of Financial Supervision and the Court of First Instance Integrity Commission," revealing "the exploitation of approximately 438 customers between the name and company at the auction sale of currency and many of them so far do not know."
He continued that "the Bank of Baghdad took advantage of the lists in the lists of owners of companies from dealing and exploited, and some accounts that were converted in the form of {know your customer] is a practice of lying."
He drew Qassim to "meet with the governor of Baghdad on the subject and his response that he regrets what happened and asked the Bank of Baghdad to apologize," noting that "the State fined the bank amount of one million dollars and quoted a mitigating sentence of five accused, including three women in the bank."