Special .. State law calls on Kuwait to extinguish the remaining debt on Iraq



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A member of the coalition of state law, Mohamed Chihod, on Thursday, the State of Kuwait to extinguish the remaining debt on Iraq, indicating that the Iraqi people is not guilty of taxing it as a result of the policy of the former regime.

In an interview with Al-Thawra Press, al-Sihud said that what happened to Kuwait by the regime of the "Saddam Hussein" is an act of hostility from the regime itself, and that the Iraqi people are notaffected by this hostile policy. The rest of the countries were affected.

He added that after 2003, Iraq began a new political process in improving and exchanging interests with neighboring countries and non-interference in their internal affairs. He called on the State of Kuwait to take into consideration Iraq's situation and difficult circumstances, especially the financial crisis. He pointed out that the Government of Kuwait should consider Iraq Of this section that it is not the fault of Iraq and the guilt of the Iraqi people to impose huge sums on him as a result of the policy of Saddam.

The government of Kuwait has announced earlier that Iraq has paid three installments during the current year of debts of the invasion of the former regime head, asserting that the remaining amount in favor of Kuwait is about 4.4 billion dollars and must be paid in the future.