Declaration of the National Alliance and replacing Barham Saleh

2018/11/9 13:45


The Coalition for Justice and Democracy announced in a conference held on Friday in Erbil, in the presence of 350 of its members, change its name and continue political work, in addition to the selection of a new president replacing his former president, Barham Salih.
He explained that a number of topics were discussed regarding the futureof the coalition. The leader of the party, Mohammed Raouf, said in a speech that he agreed unanimously to continue political action and change the name of the Alliance for Justice and Democracy to the National Alliance.
He added that talks are continuing within the coalition to choose a president of the "National Alliance."
The coalition was founded under the chairmanship of Barham Salih in December 2017, and was able to get two seats in the Iraqi legislative elections held last May.
Saleh had announced his withdrawal from the presidency of the Alliance for Justice and Democracy on 19-8-2018, and returned to the ranks of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and then received the presidency of the Republic.