Documents .. Signatures to distribute the amount of each barrel of oil to the Iraqis

2018/11/9 9:16


(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Information Office of the MP for the block of state law high Nassif for the collection of signatures of 50 deputies to issue a decision to deduct the amount of each barrel of oil and distribution to each individual Iraqi.
He said in a statement today, received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, "Deputy High Nassif submitted a requestto the Presidency of the House of Representatives, supported by the signatures of fifty deputies, approving the issuance of a decision to deduct the amount of each barrel of oil and distribution within the ration card for each individual Iraqi, Article 59 (P-2) ".
The constitutional legislator in the fourth section of the Iraqi Constitution of the six articles of oil and gas, namely Article 111 and Article 112 and as follows: -
Article 111 stated: - Oil and gas is the property of all the Iraqi people in all regions and provinces.
The first paragraph of Article 112 states: "The federal government shall manage the oil and gas extracted from the existing fields with the governments of the provinces and producing governorates to distribute and their will in a fair manner commensurate with the distribution of the population throughout the country with a fixed period quota for the affected territories Unjustified by the former regime and subsequently damaged in such a way as to ensure the balanced development of the different regions of the country and regulated by law. "