Saleh warns of two problems facing Iraq and calls for the advancement of the economy




The President of the Republic, Barham Saleh, warned that the increase in population in Iraq will exacerbate the scene if not accompanied by comprehensive economic reform, while counting the water problem the most serious problem facing life and the environment in Iraq.

"The population of Iraq is now 38 million, and there is an increaseof one million people a year. These population increases come amidst a destructive service structure and rampant unemployment," Saleh said in an article published by Al-Waleed Press. Could be exacerbated without comprehensive and radical economic reform. "

He added that "Iraq in return has strong economic fundamentals, which can be invested within the scope of a rational economic policy, which moves the country from the failed rent economy and unable to meet the needs of citizens, to a productive and productive economy and a promising market," noting that "achieving community security and civil peace is linked to the modernization Economic promotion, investment promotion, job creation, promotion of national industries, promotion of agricultural production and support for major urban projects, together with the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises. "

Saleh pointed out that Iraq has "many challenges, most notably the water problem, which is the most dangerous threat to life and the environment and will have negative repercussions on the Iraqi reality in many areas. This requires serious work to solve the water problem in the region. "He pointed out that" calls upon us, in Iraq, and our neighbors to create the reasons for understanding and reach agreements that serve everyone and develop a climate of confidence and confidence. "