The parliament's budget is divided into three teams to investigate files of corruption at the central bank and a deputy to reveal details

2018/12/03 11:16



A member of the parliamentary finance committee, Gamal Kouger, revealed on Monday December 3, 2018, the division of the committee members into three investigation teams in three files belonging to the Central Bank, which is suspected of corruption.

"The Finance Committee, in addition to the Legal Committeeand the Integrity Committee, are still investigating the drowning of the seven billion in the central bank's treasury," Kouger said in an exclusive interview with Baghdad today.

He added that "the parliamentary finance divided its members into three teams, the first is the task of completing the investigation and follow-up with legal and integrity drowning funds, and the second team to investigate the suspicions of corruption circulating around the building of the Central Bank."

"The third group will take over the issue of currency exchange and auction," noting that "these three issues hover around suspicions of corruption and need to answer and clarify the street and the House of Representatives."

On Sunday (2 December 2018), Badr al-Zayadi, a member of the Ba'ath party, confirmed that seven billion dollars had been sunk into the central bank's coffers and the cost of building the new bank.

"The issue did not end when the governor of the Central Bank, Ali al-Aalak, hosted the House of Representatives. The latter formed a committee of seven deputies to investigate the sinking of billions and the cost of the bank building," al-Zayadi said in an interview with Baghdad today.

He added that the committee started its work and withdrew the maps of the bank's building, and also started a series of meetings with the competent authorities on the seven billion that sank as stated by the governor of the bank. "The committee is continuing the investigation and will not end until now. .