{Euphrates News} publishes the text of Abdul Mahdi's message to parliament by completing the cab

2018/12/4 12:58


{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Our agency publishes the text of the message addressed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to the House of Representatives on the completion of the ministerial lineup.
Abdul - Mahdi in the text of his letter sent to the President of the House of Representatives, Mohammed Halbusi "I am honored to provide the rest of the cabinetreshuffle Rajya presented to the Security Council is to gain confidence, and I care about this occasion to thank your esteemed Council under his chairmanship and Honorable Honorable Representatives of the Ladies and Gentlemen , for their efforts to achieve the successes of our country and our people:
1 - I was honored to send the entire government formation on 24 October last, and the vote was confidence on 14 ministers and that the rest of the formation later, which will be in the meeting scheduled to be held on 4/12/2018
2 - was confirmed by the safety of all these names of my body Integrity and accountability, and our work S specific premises, do not claim perfect but we tried to combine the possible gain a majority of the Council confidence on the one hand, and on the other hand approach as much as possible from the premises adopted in the complex conditions of sharp and enticements.
3. will be many different views, and I share their opinion, but what all The current composition is the lowest number since 2003 and this day, so it would be natural to be unable to participate in all ministerial positions, to participate locations and other forms other than the ministerial formation, and should not be interpreted as neither advocacy nor exclusion to others.
He added: "We have agreed when the political blocs to choose the best submitted to us from the candidates, otherwise our proposal to the powers other names, or those who ordered the nomination or choice of the Prime Minister, 24 hours before writing this letter isolated myself from any external influences, I am in front of my Lord and my conscience and my people, to approach the most possible principles and standards that I want this government to build upon, and the general principles, especially taking into account the popular admissibility and independence of the site and efficiency and integrity and harmony of government and introduce new faces and achieve component balances and better representation of women and representation To the nearest benefits and electoral principles such as: do not impose nor rejected, the rejection of foreign interference, and the responsibility of the Prime Minister for his squad, with taken into account whenever possible political agreements, which , despite its existence but it lacks sometimes the standard one ruling on everyone, to be an arbiter between everyone.
4 is normal And I have received many requests, and attended meetings with different interpretations of those who think that the House of Representatives distinguished support or reject it, as I received signatures from the deputies or blocks in favor of a number of candidates, and got differences between the heads of lists and its members, which I did not find Only my right Adoption by an abstract of what else.
"It is no longer possible to wait longer and we will leave the democratic process to take its course and resolve the differences, away from the method of breaking the weak quorum, which undermines the role of the House of Representatives, which may mean the control of a minority over a majority, and any decision considered by the big blocs, His presidency is either postponing the launch of some sites preferring to be approved, or with no confidence of those who want, these practices are left to the Council and prefer to set dates close to 24-48 hours to provide alternatives, we have prepared for the matter and submitted to the "integrity" and "accountability"
5. If appropriate, refer to the alternative We believe that by exerting pressure they can push us to resign. They are absolutely wrong. Since we gained the confidence of the House of Representatives, we have started a steady work of progress in the field of services, economy, administration and support. The poor and the strengthening of national security and independence of the country and breaking the barriers between the people and his government, as long as we have the confidence of the House of Representatives and the reference and the people, we will be the last to leave the field
He pointed to Abdul Mahdi, "Our history shows that we did not escape one day of a serious battle its enemies terrorism, poverty, Unemployment, illiteracy, underdevelopment, dependence, Zionism and colonialism, but we are proud that we took the initiative out of the areas of failure and roll and rotation or from the circles of corruption and monopoly and various circles.
The Prime Minister added the proposed names, along with their curriculum vitae and accountability, and we have already received the integrity books that we will send you tomorrow morning.
Names of the candidates required to obtain the confidence of the House of Representatives to the meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 4/12/2018:
1 - Ministry of Higher Education: Dr. Qusay Abdul Wahab al-Suhail.
2- The Ministry of Education: Saba Khair al-Din al-Tai.
3- Ministry of Culture: Abdul Amir Al-Hamdani.
4. Ministry of Displacement and Migration: Hana Emmanuel Korakis.
5. Ministry of Justice: Judge Dara Noureddine.
6 - Ministry of Planning: Nuri Sabah Hamid Abtan Dulaimi.
7- Ministry of Interior: Faleh Fahad Faisal Al Fayadh.
8. Ministry of Defense: Faisal Fener Al-Faisal Al-Jarba. is over.