Member of Suron: insisting on Fayadh honor for his exit from victory

2018/12/5 7:30


"The insistence of the coalition building on the nomination of Faleh Al Fayadh to the Ministry of Interior" is a tribute to his release from the coalition of victory, "which is headed by Haider Abadi because of the dispute between them.
Al-Awadi said, "The nomination of Fayadh is not convinced Abdul Mahdi, but is a conviction in the construction, specifically fromthe coalition of the rule of law and opening as a reward for his exit from the coalition of victory."
"Everyone should know that what happened in the parliament session yesterday is not an internal or external conflict, as some are trying to market it, but rather an expression of opposition from the reform coalition and from the people to some candidates and we consider it realistic.
Al-Awadi pointed out that "the Supreme Council rejects Fayadh's nomination of the interior with its famous saying," Try not to try. "Fayyad is experienced in previous governments and we want competencies for the interior and there is more efficient for him to take office."
He pointed out that "whoever creates chaos in the House of Representatives is the one who wants to be there internal tensions between the political blocs, and the chaos is carried out by those who do not want the agreement and wants to impose a personality is the subject of disagreement between the political blocs."
He pointed out that "what is practiced in the parliament session yesterday is a constitutional democratic exercise, and proved that there is no majority in passing the Fayyad." He said, "The entry of advisers in the House of Representatives for the purpose of completing the quorum. Candidates ".
"He pointed out that" Abdul-Mahdi candidate of the coalition and other Fatah and strongly, this was agreed between them, "pointing out that" there are external pressures to insist on some candidates to characterize the compass of the political blocs by raising differences between them. "
"We believe that Iran is behind the nomination of Fayyad and has an interest in this in the context of the regional conflict, which is matched by a struggle from Saudi Arabia, which wants to nominate a personal of the Ministry of Defense," Awadi said.
"We can not pass a candidate without a political consensus, as happened in the nomination of Adel Abdel-Mahdi, today, unfortunately, when we talk about the distribution of ministries and positions above the language of sectarianism, but can not be limited to a person and represents an Iraqi spectrum and not sectarian."