Saleh stresses the need to develop the private sector and support the national economy

2018/12/5 15:38


(Baghdad: Al Furat News) President Barham Saleh called on businessmen and the private sector to play a prominent role in supporting the national economy by actively contributing to the development of all construction and investment projects throughout the country.
"Saleh received the head of the Iraqi Economic CouncilIbrahim al-Masoudi al-Baghdadi and his accompanying delegation at the Peace Palace in Baghdad Wednesday afternoon, which included a number of members of the council," a presidential statement said.
"At the outset of the meeting, President Barham Saleh welcomed the guest delegation, pointing out the need for businessmen, finance and the private sector to pay attention to large investment projects, especially in the sectors of agriculture, energy and manufacturing industries.
The President of the Republic, according to the statement, "the need to find ways to develop the capabilities of the Iraqi Economic Council and enable it to work effectively in moving the wheel of the national economy in a distinct manner," explaining his support for the provision of all legal facilities to allow the Council to work positively and overcome the difficulties Investment projects in the country. "
For their part, the Chairman and members of the delegation of the Economic Council of Iraq "a detailed explanation on the obstacles to the work of the private sector, offering a number of realistic solutions that would overcome obstacles to the future work plan, which the Council believes to be adopted in the coming period."
The delegation also praised the "efforts of the President of the Republic to develop mechanisms of action within the national institutions with all its specialties to provide the best services to the sons of the Iraqi people and revive the economic reality in the country."