National: We fear of plots on the government of Abdul Mahdi

2018/12/6 6:50


{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} A leader in the National Coalition, expressed his fear of conspiracies against the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.
Adnan Aldenbos told the {Euphrates News}, that "if the political blocs resolved the intention and determined to make the government of Abdul Mahdi, the government will succeed and ifthere are plans to thwart it and we fear of conspiracies against the government because of political competition."
He added that "the government of Abdul Mahdi is a government of consensus and that the attempt to pass any candidate must enjoy the consensus of political parties and logic and wisdom to go to dialogue and sit to keep the country out of the crisis."
"We believe that Faleh al-Fayadh has long been opposed to dialogue with Fatah, and we believe that a great force within the reform does not accept that any person in the new government had taken up a position previously."
"The political process and the formation of the government and laws in Iraq be by consensus, not by majority, and we want security ministers to take responsibility for the security file and be at the head of the interior and defense and ministers effective and efficient and enjoy integrity."
"It is shameful to deny or deny that there is no external interference even in the nomination of candidates, but in contrast to the internal dispute."
"There is a decision in the Alliance of Reform and Reconstruction that any person who held a position previously must be excluded from the new Cabinet Cabinet and therefore obtained this authorization to Abdul Mahdi, and I do not think something change in the parliament session tomorrow if the Prime Minister put the same names only to postpone the meeting to allow the opportunity in consultations Political. "
"Al-Danbous said that" Abdul-Mahdi's insistence on presenting the same names may be his convictions, but we stuck to their refusal to confirm our position in rejecting any tried candidate, "noting that" Mr. Sadr does not accept the nomination of those who were in charge previously and we believe that Iraq has a lot of competencies. "
He pointed out that "the Ministry of Defense is for all Iraqis and we believe that our candidate Faisal al-Jarba is an efficient, fair and disciplined person," stressing that "there is no political party wants to manage the ministries with agencies." is over