A deputy for reform warns of unforeseeable political consequences

2018/12/7 7:00


[Baghdad: Al-Furat News} A deputy from the bloc of reform and reconstruction, warned of the consequences of political disappointments in the case of the continued delay in the completion of the cabinet cabins.
Ali Ghawi told the {Euphrates News}, "We had hoped that the paragraph to complete the cab in the parliamentary session today, but it seems that the insistenceon the impersonation of a particular personality is prevented from inclusion.
"The view of reform and reconstruction is that the remaining ministries receive the figures of technocrats, which prevented the inclusion of this paragraph in today's meeting."
He stressed that "this paragraph must be included in the session next Saturday, especially, and that the Iraqi street is waiting and demands politicians to resolve their order to live a stage of recovery in all stages of security and economic matters will not lead to what is not praised the consequences."
He pointed out that "the return to work by the agency is not very true and whether we were unable to find a competent figure to manage" returned this subject to "very dangerous and Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to collect his order."
Ghazi expressed his hope that "the one who seeks to change the ministers is Abdul Mahdi to be able to account and we communicate with everyone who wants to save the country and we have no problem with a particular person and the interest is the interest of the country."