The resumption of parliamentary sessions Tuesday to discuss the budget

2019/1/6 12:23


(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The House of Representatives, next Tuesday, resume its work after a break for about two weeks on the occasion of the New Year and the Iraqi Army Day.
"The parliamentary blocs will return Monday to Baghdad to attend the session of the Council of Representatives scheduled on Tuesday," said a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary, Ahmad Haji Rashid, "The discussions on the financial budget for 2019 will start again."
He pointed out that "the allocation of 50 million dinars to Article 140of the Constitution," pointing out that discussions on the budget will begin this week. "
Between Rashid," The Council of Ministers allocated 50 million dinars to Article 140 of the Constitution and not 50 billion dinars, as is common in some media , As part of the draft financial budget law, such as the past years, but not been used as in previous years, "pointing out that" the mechanism of disbursement amount requires the formation of committees around him. "
The member of the Finance Parliamentary" not knowing any agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on the share of the region Of the federal budget "