Iran's central bank plans to delete 4 zeroes from the currency

2019/1/6 10:04


(International: Al Furat News) A deputy in the Islamic Shura Council in Iran, (parliament) revealed the intention of the central bank in the country to delete four thousand of the Iranian currency.
"The governor of the Central Bank of Iran Abdul-Assad Hamati, announced that the liquidity of 1700 thousand billion Tuman lost 30 percent of its capacity due to inflation."
He added that the governor of the bank confirmed that the bank plans to delete four zeros from the national currencyand that he should take the initiative quickly and the banking system should be reformed. "
Papai said to the meeting of the bloc held on Sunday in the presence of Central Bank Governor Abdul Nasser Hamti to discuss the status of the country's reserves Of hard currency and inflation in society. "
He said that the governor of the bank pointed out at the meeting that the central bank is facing two important challenges are hard currency and the national currency and at a time when the people suffer from the volume of inflation, we find that the value of hard currency went to stability, "
He added that Hamati also pointed out that the US president is forced to retreat daily After claiming the collapse of the Iranian economy, he says today that the Iranian national currency is now besieged. "
"The central bank governor has announced that the government is never planning to revalue hard currency and we should achieve the best results at the lowest cost," Babai said.
The governor said that "the reason for non-decline in the value of hard currency is due to everyone's perception that the value of hard currency will increase again, noting that the road is open with China and South Korea is on its way to deal with India while talking with Turkey in this area."
Haji Babaei said Hamati said it was not possible to hold much hopes on the European channel but that its demand should be met. "