The death penalty follows 15 Iraqi officials who visited Israel

Monday 7 January 2019 05:38 pm


BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The penal code stipulates the death penalty for every Iraqi who visits Israel, legal expert Ali al-Tamimi said on Monday.

"The Iraqi Penal Code punishes, in Article 201 (b), the promotion of Zionism or any material or moral assistance for its purposes," al-Tamimi told Iraq News.

"The Iraqi constitution stipulates that Islam is the religionof the state and the general creed of the people is the liberation of Palestine," he said. "The complaint can be moved from the prosecution or other oversight bodies."

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said on Sunday evening that "three delegations from Iraq, including 15 people, visited Israel during the last year, while the Israeli Foreign Ministry did not clarify the purpose of visiting these delegations.