What did Pompeo promise the wise minister and what is the invitation that Iraq launched to the United States?

2019/1/9 17:26


Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim discussed with his American counterpart Mike Pompeo the strengthening of relations between the two countries and stressed the importance of achieving common interests in different fields of the two countries.
"The wise minister reviewed during his meetingat the headquarters of the ministry in Baghdad on Wednesday the latest developments in the fight against the terrorist and the joint efforts to defeat the remnants of the remnants of terrorism and enhance security and stability in the border areas with Syria," the statement said.
Al-Hakim called on Washington to "cooperate to stimulate investment in Iraq and contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq, including cities liberated from terrorist gangs," noting that "Iraq adopts the establishment of bilateral relations distinct with neighboring countries on the basis of respect for sovereignty and care of common interests."
"The United States is interested in stabilizing the situation in Iraq, starting reconstruction and investment, as well as pushing for the development of bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States of America," the minister said. International interests of the two countries. "