Lifting the concrete blocks from the vicinity of the Central Bank of Iraq

2019/1/10 11:32


(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Secretariat of Baghdad announced the direct lifting of gates and concrete blocks of the vicinity of the Central Bank of Iraq and a number of streets in the capital Baghdad.
A statement of the secretariat received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it that "the Secretariat of Baghdad in coordination with the Baghdad Operations Command began lifting concrete blocks and iron gatesof the vicinity of the Central Bank of Iraq and also lifting the blocks of the police station Bab al-Majd in the area of ​​the field within the municipality of Rusafa.
He added that "the municipality of the torch completed the lifting of the concrete blocks of the street of the center of the torch within the locality of [454] and the streets of the locality {418} while completed the municipality of Ghadir lifting the concrete blocks of Palestine Street near the Academy of Police.
The statement pointed out that "the Department of the municipality of Rashid lifted the concrete blocks of the intersection of Darwish and Abbas al-Azzawi Street, as well as the municipality of Al-Mansour lift blocks of vertical alleys on the main Basra Street within the locality {649}."
He added that "the municipal departments carried out a campaign parallel to the lifting of the blocks, including the removal of waste and cleaning the streets and remove abuses and distortions and clean the networks and lines of discharge of sewage and rain."