Suron: No breakthrough in the crisis of the remaining ministries .. It may be postponed for the next legislative term

2019/1/12 18:10


[Baghdad - where] a member of the House of Representatives for the coalition of peace peace be upon Shammari that "the crisis candidates for the remaining three ministries are still in place and no breakthrough to solve soon."
He said in his press office today that "adhering to the candidate of the Interior is a major reason for not resolving the crisis, especiallythat there is insistence on the candidate in the desire of other parties to change it."

Shammari said that "it is lighter for the candidates of defense and justice in the absence of insistence on a particular candidate, but it is about the election eligibility, which could be resolved."

And expected that the completion of this file during the next legislative term, especially as the political blocs are currently engaged in the adoption of the general crisis before the end of this chapter on the third of next month.

The discussions and dialogues between the blocs of the remaining three ministries have continued, with some stages leading to disagreements and a clear rejection of the Interior Ministry's Interior Minister Faleh al-Fayyad, hoping that Sunnis and Kurds will come to agree on the candidates for defense and justice, respectively.

The Presidency of the House of Representatives postponed on 24 of last month the vote on the Interior Ministry candidate to the next meeting, while calling for Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to resolve the candidate of the Ministry of Justice and replace the candidate of the Ministry of Defense.